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YouTube wants to remove content doubled from the platform

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Many of us have encountered different content on YouTube, which simply appears to be collections of other videos and content taken from other sources. Some of these videos have managed to accumulate hundreds of thousands of views, and some are monetized, which seems a bit unfair to some creators who actually create their content.

The YouTube team is aware of this and in a post in their forums, the company has announced it will remove what they call "duplicate content". In essence, YouTube wants to restrain the abuse of some creators who unite different videos without adding more of their content.

YouTube notes that this does not mean that creators can not create such videos, but rather would prefer creators to try and make more efforts to make original videos, such as adding personal comments, narratives, educational values, higher quality edits, and so on.

According to YouTube, "it's important to note that 'duplicate content' is not just about copyright. The spirit of this policy of YPP is to make sure that we are only allowing channels in the program when the content adds value and is original and relevant. If you upload content from multiple sources or create something different from existing content, you may still be legitimate for YPP as long as you are contributing to the value of that content in some way. "


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