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Released for the first time in the cage, the circus lion did not allow to explore the environment (Video)

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The lion named Will, who was released for the first time by a moving circular cage, did not allow to explore the outer space of a reserve in Brazil .

For 13 long years, he was kept in tight spaces while being forced to perform various games in front of the public, the Telegraph reports.

Just a few seconds after it was released, Will started kicking the paws of soft soil - unfortunately, a foreign material for this animal, which had passed through the cold metal floor.

Though he was rescued and sent to his environment, he was tired and crushed by mandatory drills, but at least lived as a true lion.

"He spent five quiet years before he died. There was also the opportunity to meet with other lions. He liked to lie down in the grass and see the sky, was a happy lion, "said a maintainer.

The impressive moments that you can see below are filmed during 2011, and were distributed online four years later. Just to reappear again, making laps online. / Telegraph /


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