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The father kept his daughter asleep on the plane all the way - thousands of likes on the internet (Photo)

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Twitter user Satar Gaza has posted a picture showing an unnamed man who has extended his hand to which he supported his daughter's head.

It lasted for 40 minutes, when flying from a Sharm El Sheikh resident to Cairo to Egypt, Telegraph reports.

"He held his hand under the head of his daughter until we landed. No one loves you like parents, "was the comment near the posted picture.

Awesome father's action on the plane

After a while, the image gathered about 20,000 likes, while scattered across many social networks.

"From one to ten, this dad has a score of 11" and "worth a sordid hand, for love for the daughter" were two of the many comments.

It was learned that the teenager had been very tired, while the crew did not have a cushion to support their head, on the grounds that they did not give up on short flights.


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