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Messenger 10 brings Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger into a single application

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With the abundance of messaging applications that are available, users should be wrapped around apps. Messenger 10 unites two of the world's most popular messaging services, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, into a Windows 10 application. The application goes beyond simply copying services by integrating notifications directly to Windows 10 and working on some attractive designs.

It's available for $ 2.99 on Windows 10 and Surface Hub.

While Messenger 10 unifies versions of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, it does much more than that. The app has a snapshot mode for Facebook Messenger that can turn on and off, a screen split that lets you see WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger next to each other and works with Windows 10 Notification Center, says Windows Central .

Although it can be noticed that the application is not based on the specific version of Windows 10, Messenger 10 developers have made a good app that feels much more original than the first-ever WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger applications, the Telegraph reports.

Apps like Messenger 10 are not a new idea. Clatter does a similar job, also integrating with other services.


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