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Google Chrome gets a new design

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Google Chrome is widely regarded as the most popular browser in the world.

The service gives users a variety of functionalities thanks to the wider range of additional tools and wise methods of vital information storage, such as passwords.

And now Google has begun launching the Chrome-designed redesign that replaces sharp edges with rounded corners and introduces a look that is whiter in general.

With these changes the icons are now more visible, especially if a number of windows are opened at the same time.
Google insisted that such a move was intentional to make it "easier to navigate through many windows at the same time".

The American technology giant stated: "Chrome has a new look. You can see it on all platforms - desktop, Android and iOS - where you will see rounder shapes, new icons and a new color palette.

"These updates have a simpler look and hopefully will increase your productivity.

"We changed our forms so that web icons are easier to see, which makes it easier to navigate through many windows."


Chrome is also changing how it handles passwords, and Google hopes that new modification will make the users safer while browsing the web more than ever before.

The client will generate passwords for a user when they are encouraged to create a new one. Chrome will then save the newly generated series of characters and ensure they remember them whenever needed.

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