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[EN] Rank request - Teamspeak

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Here is the model , how to make request for a grade on teamspeak server . 

⇨ Nick-Name:

⇨ Age:

⇨ Unique ID:

⇨ Required degree:

⇨ Moderation experience TS3:

⇨ Why do you want this degree? :

⇨ Link with hours:

⇨ Have you read the rules  ?: [ Put the Keyword]  [ Click


Each topic will be open for  1 day or  2 ( based on the votes of Staff members ) 

First grade that you can get is helper . 

You can get direct moderator just if you have moderator on forum   .

You need to have 53 hours of activity to get a grade ! (  2 days 5 hours ) 


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