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  1. MaLpOrRiToO

    Thank you very much for solving it. Nevertheless I will be attentive to the post for if the VeEnzo decides to raise the demo. In case it does not raise it, you might speak with and to recommend to him that the norms to be read as for asking wargod, not insulting nor to be absent to the respect, since admins this way they reduce quality to the community. Thank you very much for everything
  2. MaLpOrRiToO

    thanks P@pu, but my ban is still activated, still. Can you do your something?
  3. MaLpOrRiToO

    after 24 hours the admin still doesn't post the demo, which he supposedly had done. someone could notify the admin to hang the supposed demo. He knew how to insult, threaten and accuse, even though he should have asked me for wargod or the photos, and preferred to abuse power, even offering it to him. I end the conversation with a lot of bravado, I would like where he is now that he has to face his accusations. Could someone tell me how much time the admin has to upload the supposed tests. A day has passed and still no signs of life I think that with the evidence that I have put on the way this admin proceeds, skipping the rules that I have been able to read to him, the minimum is that he would show his face and comment on something besides posting the supposed demo.
  4. MaLpOrRiToO

    here the conversation,once again I ask for excuses for the translation, it is done by the google. 1,2 are arranged.... 10 cjs connected cjs it joins by force antiterrorist Kicked by Console Kicked Connecting to Connection accepted by *DEAD* MaLpOrRiTo: why kick me? *SPEC* VeEnzo: next ban, off wh *SPEC* VeEnzo: I have your demo wallero *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo: you are sure of that ç *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo: thazme ] say MaLpOrRiTó 43061 STEAM_0:0:18717544 *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo: swargod *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo: or the photos *SPEC* VeEnzo: if I have your demo and if baneo go and weep for the forum *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo: MaLpOrRiTó 43061 STEAM_0:0:18717544 *SPEC* VeEnzo: demo idiot *SPEC* VeEnzo: steam has programs payments with cod tarado noob *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo: the first thing do not insult me *SPEC* VeEnzo: then you extinguish or I extract you last warning *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo: search imi steam go *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo: be if ecuentras only one ban *SPEC* VeEnzo: I already said to you that steam has programs to use wall, you buy it and already *SPEC* VeEnzo: it is called cod *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo: that you do it *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo: it does not mean that we it do the others *SPEC* VeEnzo: jajajaja sight this stupid poor person *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo: you ask me swargod say VeEnzo ' 43008 STEAM_0:1:24082807 *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo: photos *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo: pero in me kickees su ruebas *SPEC* VeEnzo: in the tengo necesidad for what ya you hice un demo y clear corned beef that you walk of wall *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo: VeEnzo ' 43008 STEAM_0:1:24082807 *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo: pues sublinks *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo: al forum *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo: sin to rise demo in accuse pero *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo: because pierdas *SPEC* VeEnzo: do I raise lo cuando you of ban maniac, in you know it how if hace un ban+demo? *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo: you ban *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo: y subare demo *SPEC* VeEnzo : ban+demo, no solo ban *SPEC* VeEnzo : ves que no sabes nada noob *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo : y me has kickeado *SPEC* VeEnzo : lo hago cuantas veces quiera *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo : y deja de insultar maleducado *SPEC* VeEnzo : hago lo que se me de la gana *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo : si tienes pruebas subelas pero no insultes *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo : lo que te de la gana hasta que reclame ban si al final me lo pones *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo : pero ya te digo lo que va a ocurrir *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo : que me lo quitaran *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo : desde 2008 sin ningun ban *SPEC* VeEnzo : jajajaja que va a pasar dime? si soy uno de los dueños de este server *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo : que lo quitaras *SPEC* VeEnzo : una mas y te baneo punto noob *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo : como todos los que han acusado sin pruebas *SPEC* MaLpOrRiTo : una mas que MaLpOrRiTo : haz demo *SPEC* VeEnzo : ya lo tengo desde hace raaatp hijo mio *DEAD* MaLpOrRiTo : good flas *SPEC* VeEnzo: to the fortune-teller I trump the wall *DEAD* MaLpOrRiTo: once again if you obtain tests of it raise them to the forum *DEAD* MaLpOrRiTo: till then MaLpOrRiTo: it keeps on looking *SPEC* VeEnzo: insurance? do you want to go to cry and lose? MaLpOrRiTo: to cry MaLpOrRiTo: not MaLpOrRiTo: to protest ban MaLpOrRiTo: if ************************************************ Ban Information Yam: MaLpOrRiTo IP: Reason: wall+demo Unban Time: Permanent Ban Admin Yam: VeEnzo Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:1:24082807 If you think you were banned unfairly, report this information to our website: https: // www.gamepower.ro/forum/forum/2485-classic-% C2%BB-rbl/ ************************************************ *SPEC* VeEnzo: do him go to the forum then, you are going to lose Kicked by Console: ' You ploughs banned from this server. Check your I consoled ' Kicked:'You ploughs banned from this server. Check your I consoled '
  5. MaLpOrRiToO

    ◈ Nickname: MaLpOrRiTo ◈ Data & Ora: 6-9-2022 04:30 ◈ Steam ID-ul tau: MaLpOrRiTo" 43061 STEAM_0:0:18717544 ◈ IP-ul Tau: ◈ Adminul care te-a banat: VeEnzo" 43008 STEAM_0:1:24082807 ◈ Motivul banului: walldemo ◈ Dovada - screenshot consola: The first thing of everything, I ask for excuses for the translation, since I have used the google. He will wait for that said admin should raise the demo, but while I request that there is investigated the way of coming from this admin. First kickeo without motive or notice of any class, after accusing me and saying to him that it should do demo it insults me and threatens me because according to the puede to do what he wants since this server is his. there is sorrow of which I say to him that I do not take anything, informs me that supposedly the cheto that went, which everything should be this much informed by it about the name and of as obtaining it. After a little bit of being play he makes fun of me, I say to him that if he wishes something that it does demo and the rise to the forum and me baneo, of course he did not ask swargod not for anything. Never he lacked to the respect, I did not even insult him and the only thing that I did was to defend my innocence against an admin, which abuses power and says to be able to do what I wished for being the proprietor of the forum. I think that they are not ways of coming from an admin. Of course I do copy and snag of the whole conversation of what write I and the traducciendolo, but of course I have apprehension of screen of the whole conversation where there are seen the insults, his bad ways and threats and of course his abuse of authority when me banea. He will hope that it should raise the photo and should demonstrate esactamente where it accuses me falsely that goes chetos, since my account is of 2008 and has not even only one ban in addition to which I have already played in other occasions in this server and have not had problems and anybody me to accused
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