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  1. I told him if he because he hated me and he banned me :)))) this is called abuse , you are newbie admins I'm from the old school of admins , here in rbl 90% of the admins are bad and they only know how to abuse admin , in fact, every server I played I saw few good admins, here nim only knows how to ask wg for everyone and ban clean players and papu still says he's good admin :)))) he banned fahim because fahim killed him 2 times i knew he was going to ban, i said let fahim play he has 0 wall phase and admin noob didn't even wait 5 minutes and banned him, that made me leave rbl and rgg you are a newbie still have a lot to do learn , first learn to use demo and stop asking for wg and you banned an old school admin ! never play in rbl again! kisses and hugs to all
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