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  1. xknight1

    nim has some problems with his account so he asked me to put his message. First of all and before i ask you for wg scan, i made a demo on you, many situations on the demo shows that you are a wallhacker, after like 2-3 rounds you made it off by wall-buttom and after 2 rounds you activated it again..after that, i asked you for wargods scan and i was waiting for you like 15 min and you asked me to wait because the wg is scanning, after 3 min you disconnected from the server, and i went to the wg scan and found you red after you scanned..... Demo: https://www71.zippyshare.com/v/221JxOxy/file.html
  2. xknight1

    https://imgur.com/EFEVggw is that u s0uf hhhh u should go and open ur own ban topic then we talk much better anyway u deserve that ban u were so nasty i told you to stop ur shit cuz u have been insulting mindhunter but u didn't u kept ur insults up
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