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  1. rGG

    Hello, From me you have big yes. I've never seen you in conflict, you report often. Activity is good as well, both during the day and night. I think you could be great part of the staff.
  2. rGG

    Hello, Please edit your topic according to the regulation here in order to get unbanned: Also Joe is not staff member, so try to join the server and screenshot the console's contents here while following the other steps of the topic above.
  3. rGG

    Yes with both hands. Very active, spectates and reports cheaters, great attitude towards others.
  4. rGG

    If you don't need the unban, who bother creating account and this topic? Thank you for your kind wishes, i do succeed in life. I am the admin that banned you. Learn to accept that people are better than you and be humble. Insulting anyone's family over getting killed. This mentality won't get you very far. Told you to watch your mouth but you continued. Feel free to play somewhere else.
  5. rGG

    Obvious WH. Ban should remain in my opinion.
  6. rGG

  7. rGG


    Your post is in wrong forum section. This is where it should be : https://www.gamepower.ro/forum/forum/2494-rbl-cerere-unban/ And this is the requirements you need to fill in order to get unbanned. Post it there and you will get a verdict when admins review it.
  8. rGG

    Not cheating. Uses sounds, checks every corner and holds common angles. Should be unbanned.
  9. rGG

  10. rGG

    Hello, First of all using steam is not reassuring criteria of being legit player.Second, your steam account is VAC banned. More info on that? I don't need WG scan to ban, the scan itself is not perfect. There are cheats out there that can be unloaded before scan is done so there won't be any trigger from WG. I recorded you. You seem to have really good idea for enemies's next moves. That is especially obvious when you are using AWP. You weren't tracing enemies through the walls i give you that, trying to hide it. As long as i watched i didn't see you to clear any angles the same way unless enemies are there.(example: one time on A bomb you kill one guy on site, immediatly aimed at the guy coming from CT spawn. Few rounds went by, same situation you didn't care about CT spawn or double boxes long to the right because no one was there then.) Also no one can hit that many prefire shots in row no matter how lucky you are. https://dox.abv.bg/download?id=3fdf91268d
  11. rGG

    Hello, First of all, Mr. Old school admin fix your topic arcording to the rules of making complaints: The reason i banned you is not because i hate you, i don't. I don't care about you which is worse. You got banned because you were calling other staff members "noobs, bots, bad admins", insulted the server, called "Nim : ) " phrase i'm not going to say here because i will violate forum rules. Also you were misleading people to believe that you LEFT when you actually got removed because you couldn't keep your mouth shut, exactly the same reason why you were banned. Before i banned you i asked fondator's permisson. Good admins don't insult regural players. Attaching screenshots. below.
  12. rGG

    Demo not showing use of wallhack. Uses sound, checks corners. Decent crosshair placement. All indicates good player, not a cheater. In my opinion should be unbanned.
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