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  1. INCEP EU: ARMA =)))))
  2. Kira

    AM Am/N-am baut pana nu am mai stiut nimic?
  3. Kira

    https://www30.zippyshare.com/v/O2hQ6ktT/file.html il postasem in banlist
  4. Kira

    Nick: Alexandra Motiv: wall Steam ID : STEAM_1:0:1782812588 Dovada: https://www30.zippyshare.com/v/O2hQ6ktT/file.html ] amx_banip "alexandra" "0" "teuitaiprinpereti" [AMXX] Client "Alexandra" banned Alexandra has left the game ] amx_last name authid ip access Ranger[cu^Bereta] STEAM_1:0:1024560698 z dEvL1 STEAM_1:0:1172773191 z aLn STEAM_1:0:269365108 z vld112 STEAM_1:0:697827546 z KIRA STEAM_0:1:201905211 bcdefgijmnopqrstu Ucid*Sobolani STEAM_1:0:920203299 z sebi STEAM_0:1:216052285 z RyZeN STEAM_1:0:1072399059 z Navy STEAM_1:0:1012249662 z Alexandra STEAM_1:0:1782812588 bcdefijmnopqt ] amx_addban "STEAM_1:0:1782812588" "0" "wall" [AMXX] Authid "STEAM_1:0:1782812588" added to ban list
  5. Kira

    Nick: Jeka Banditu Motiv: aim+wall Steam ID : Dovada: https://www67.zippyshare.com/v/sSjcCN8G/file.html [AMXX] Client "Jeka Banditu :D" banned Jeka Banditu has left the game Jeka Banditu STEAM_1:0:2051620460 z ADMIN KIRA: ban Jeka Banditu (reason: aim+wall) ] amx_addban "STEAM_1:0:2051620460" "0" "aim.wall" [AMXX] Authid "STEAM_1:0:2051620460" added to ban list
  6. Kira

    Nick: (1)RCPLAYER (seinvartetinta) Motiv: aim (se invartea tinta) Steam ID : STEAM_1:0:485279854 Dovada: (PLAYER) Michelangelo : (1)rcplayer ] amx_banip "seinvartetinta" 0 aim [AMXX] Client "seinvartetinta" banned seinvartetinta has left the game ] amx_last name authid ip access NiNu STEAM_1:0:1733082816 z PRO# STEAM_1:0:1093476482 z N0StReSs STEAM_1:0:1239643069 z catalin razvan 2020 STEAM_1:0:827549718 z mp4navy STEAM_1:0:493537907 z LaurTdK STEAM_1:0:1560128400 z Madafaka STEAM_0:0:449731277 bcdefghijlmnopqrsu Navy STEAM_1:0:940654154 z RCPlayer STEAM_1:0:1343491352 z seinvartetinta STEAM_1:0:485279854 z 10 old connections saved. ] amx_addban "STEAM_1:0:485279854" 0 aim [AMXX] Authid "STEAM_1:0:485279854" added to ban list
  7. Kira

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