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  1. Hi aha! I'm trying to text you a private message but i can't. Can you contact me? Thanks :)

  2. I know that : aha 

     im going to spec and i write record "player"  . and after that im write stop at consol :x

  3. Why do not you answer I am a professional man you do not understand forgot password 

    1. ilop !

      ilop !

      I know that :

       im going to spec and i write record "player"  . and after that im write stop at consol

  4. aHa this is 7, and i am fucking pissed people keep banning me. I have been threatened by wa pupa, shark and other self proclaimed admins... I even asked and pleaded them that i have your permission but they keep refusing you everytime. I never used slang, any racial comments against anybody nor i put cheats to play. If i give three headshots, they simply ban me. they know banning and they are that naive. this time i have been banned and worst the case, i dont even know who banned me or why am i being banned. Look into this matter !

    1. aHa



    1. aHa



      upload files here i cant read any zippyshare file

  5. omg this profile or party ? :D