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  1. Sokolulu

    yea I see, but in my opinion, it's better to be active and spend more time in the server first, then you apply to become an admin. whatever the decision is, good luck to you.
  2. Sokolulu

    You have only played once in the past 30 days. and I have never seen you play before. CONTRA .
  3. Sokolulu

    We don't ban players based on assumptions and without a proof, but I was there, and I think you were cheating. waiting for the demo.
  4. probably the oldest active member in 2022 

  5. Sokolulu

    ◈ Nickname: Sokolulu ◈ Varsta(Age): 23 ◈ Profil Steam(steam profile): https://steamcommunity.com/id/jkl__/ ◈ Ai citit Regulamentul ?(have you read the rules?): CUVANT CORECT ◈ Ore jucate - link GameTracker(hours played): I have so many hours but with many different nicknames.. ◈ Poti folosi TeamSpeak ?(can you use team speack?): yes I can but I don't speak romanian
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