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  1. Ai primit datele?

  2. unban me please

  3. Hi again,

    Got banned again for the reason "banbefore". Just joined the server for 2 min and got a perm ban.

    What is going on?

  4. Nu iti pot trimite datele pentru ca nu iti pot trimite mesaj -_-

  5. De ce nu pot sa iti trimit mesaj in privat?

  6. Hi Thief!

    What happend with my thread regarding my unban?

    Just saw you wrote T/C which is guess is Thread Closed?

    Why so?

    Kind regards /


    1. BigThiEf


      your unbanned from my server : ! 

    2. c0nfuze


      Oh okey, but how do i get unbanned on this one?