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  1. Ai gresit sectiune . Unde joci ? Star sau Hipnoz ?
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  4. Channel will be deleted after 3-5 days if you are not active on it . Done
  5. Reasonable prices, for a very liked pattern The Volkswagen Arteon 2019 base model starts at $ 35,845 and offers 268 horsepower, as well as eight automatic speeds, the Telegraph reports. In the base offer, 18 inch wheels and LED lights are also included. The most sporty 19-inch R-Line version, $ 1,965. Arteon is available in three SE, SEL and SEL Premium options, costing $ 44,945 as the most complete version. In all Volkswagen Arteon, a Digital Cockpit is installed that assists the driver, and seats are covered with nappa leather. / Telegraph /
  6. Start the launch of Ford electric cars, which is very promising Ford's car evolution has begun, while at the beginning of it will launch an electrified SUV, inspired by Mustang, the Telegraph reports. The exact date of the launch has not been announced, and it is known that it will happen in 2020. The name is also missing, as it is not yet known how it was named. The latest news on this car is very important, while it leaves to understand that it will be quite complete. Ford's officials have announced that it will have 600-kilometer autonomy as well as the WLTP system that enables faster battery filling. This implies it is stronger than the Tesla Model Y, which offers five kilometers of autonomy less. So far, Fird has launched completely electric explorer and Escape machines that are very powerful and enjoyable on the market. / Telegraph /
  7. In the new Hyundai, there may be more touchscreen displays It happens very often that manufacturers launch advanced technology concepts but never see the light of production, the Telegraph reports. This time, it's a Korean company that has shown a giant touchscreen display that enables control of many parts. Works that have been developed since 2015, for a more complete cabin, show how the driver guides on the screen, some of the most important details. It is not known which car will be placed on this screen, while it is said that new Hyundai models will have even more high technology. / Telegraph /
  8. Nu este problem , topic mutat pe reflex . Bafta !
  9. Ai gresit sectiunea , unde vrei sa faci cere pentru admin ? Ce server ?
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  13. numbers 10 , 29 , 19 , 20 , 5 , 11
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  15. Buyers in other continents have to pay more All those who live outside Europe and want to have a G-Class must pay at least $ 124,000 and pay for transportation, the Telegraph reports. But this does not apply to Europeans. German manufacturer Mercedes, has announced that the G350d version will arrive very fast in the Salon of the Old Continent. This very important SUV for the company will be available for € 95,021, which is the base price, while the full cost will cost 107,040 euros, while the carriage to the home will be free of charge. It all seems to be a 3.0-liter diesel engine, which can produce up to 286 horsepower. The thing is weaker than the engine dedicated to other countries, which with 4.0 liters produces 416 horsepower. On the other hand, it's all the same, to the transmission of nine automatic speeds. This decision is believed to have been undertaken, because of the tougher laws on diesel-powered cars, which is not so rigorous in Europe